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You are ready to join the alliance. You have answered the call for responsible data science, and now your contribution helps others answer it too. Help us spread the word.

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You are a true believer in the cause. Safeguarding our data is of paramount importance. Your gift is an endorsement to move forward and guide the responsible data science conversation.

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You ardently stand watch. Your sponsorship helps us build the ranks of responsible data-enthusiasts by supporting our community engagement and events (like our quarterly networking meetups!). We grow stronger as we gather together.

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You have the courage to champion us as we grow. Your contribution fosters the ecosystem of responsible data, upholding the initiatives and partnerships (like our Sponsor-A-Student program) that recruit organizations and talent to the cause.

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You lead by example. Your steadfast patronage secures a platform that assembles the best-and-brightest to build the Responsible Data Science Framework – a living document that maps the path forward for organizations and individuals. We are setting the standard together.

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You are a beacon for the movement, shining a dazzling light on the necessity for responsible data science in the real world. Your generosity sponsors all the work we do, from ecosystem to framework. And the fire you bring transcends the conversation – it delivers action.

Your sponsorship helps the DSA connect a community of data-enthusiasts, engaging them through gathering events and our collaborative endeavor to map out responsible data science practices. From the projects we take on to the partnerships we form, all contributions (at any amount!) support our efforts to use data to do good in the world. Join us as we work toward a world where data helps without harm. Data science can make a huge positive impact. Let’s find a way to do it responsibly – together.