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Fall internship applications are now open! Apply by July 19, 2024. 
The internship is roughly 10 weeks long from mid-September to mid-November. All interns must be able to work
15-20 hours/week. This is a hybrid position with one day per week at our office in Point Loma. Paid and volunteer positions are offered.

We have a variety of internship opportunities available, from working on our community data projects to helping build our educational video game. Whether you’re pursuing a career in data science or graphic design, there’s a place for you here at DSA.

Please read the job summaries below and click the links for the full descriptions and applications!

2D Game Design Intern

DSA is currently building a video game that will teach a younger audience about data science and the importance of RDS. We’re looking for creative and talented 2D Game Design Interns to join our game development team. As a 2D Game Design Intern, you will work on creating game assets such as characters, environments, and other visual elements that enhance the player experience. You will assist in the creation of character and environment concepts, designs, and animations, and you’ll develop and refine 2D/3D assets.

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Programming Intern

We’re also looking for a Programming Intern to join our game development team. You will work closely with DSA’s core team to design and implement game mechanics, develop game features, and ensure the game's technical performance and stability. You will assist in the development of game mechanics and features using Godot, and you will write code in C#/GDScript. This is a great opportunity to gain hands-on experience in a professional game development environment.

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Website/Front-End Development Intern

For the Website/Front-End Development Intern role, we are looking for someone to assist with our website development projects. You should have experience in front-end development, particularly with React, HTML, and CSS. You will assist in migrating the DSA website from Webflow to React; develop responsive web pages using React, HTML, and CSS; and collaborate with designers and developers to integrate UI/UX designs.

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About Patricia

Patricia is a tenacious tech entrepreneur with over 15 years of executive experience. Prior to joining Data Science Alliance, she was the CEO and co-founder of NotesFirst, a cloud-based platform that helps doctors capture and improve the quality of health data in emerging markets of the world. She was selected as a Fellow and Speaker at the 2018 Women’s Entrepreneurship Summit held by the United Nations in New York City, and was featured in Forbes’ “60 Women-Led Startups That Are Shaking Up Tech Across The Globe”. At the age of 21, Patricia started her first company, LFC Solutions.Net – the first online accounting platform in the Philippines. With her boundless energy and passion for Responsible Data Science, she is determined to help DSA grow.

About Kallyn

Kallyn is known for uniting the community through authentic storytelling. Before joining Data Science Alliance, she earned a bachelor’s degree in journalism and a minor in Media Arts, Science & Technology at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo. As an anchor and multimedia reporter at an ABC News station, Kallyn spent three years producing dynamic stories that gave others a voice and kept the public well informed. She now uses her journalistic background to advance the Responsible Data Science conversation with visual and written content that educates and inspires action.

About Czarina

With an eye for color, design, and problem-solving, Czarina aims to use her visual creativity to make a positive impact for her community. She was the first in her family to earn a college degree, graduating Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design from San Diego State University. She was drawn to the UI/UX field because of its focus on critical thinking and visual design. Beyond her career endeavors, Czarina finds other forms of self-expression. She’s a passionate performer, dancing for multiple K-Pop cover groups that find joy by sharing the music they love. And Czarina is trilingual—she can speak and translate English, Spanish, and Tagalog!

About Adir

Born and raised on the beaches of Rio de Janeiro, Adir fell in love with San Diego when he first visited the US more than a decade ago. A trained economist with over 10 years of experience, Adir earned both his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Economics at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ) in Brazil – where he received the award for Best Undergraduate Thesis in the Department of Economics in 2012. He recently earned his PhD in Economics at Florida International University and also holds a Data Scientist Professional Certificate from DataCamp. Adir’s passion for problem-solving with data has led him to a career in the exciting world of data science.

About Gina

When Gina says she’s managed a circus, it isn’t a metaphor. She was the resident stage manager for the San Diego based Lindley Lopez Circus for half a decade. Gina’s career is grounded in creating systems that facilitate the success of the leaders around her, and in anticipating and executing the needs of the organizations she serves. After her circus days, she served as the program manager for Canopy San Diego, a business accelerator for the legal cannabis market in Southern California. Gina currently serves as the main point of contact for the Properties division of Keshif LLC. She also assists in the Startup Investment and Philanthropic divisions of Keshif, helping run the new show in town – DSA.

About Taner

Data scientist, startup pioneer, and DSA founder Taner Halıcıoğlu has always been fluent in the practical and the visionary. To solve intractable problems, he embraces both. Taner practiced the art of data science before it had a name - leveraging data in concert with his skills as a software developer and systems engineer, helping tech giants Cisco, LoudCloud and eBay scale their capacity to match their goals. He continued to turn founders’ visions into realities when he joined Facebook as its first full time employee. As a software and operations engineer, Taner architected key hardware and software infrastructure that enabled the social network’s explosive growth, laying the groundwork for its now more than 2.5 billion users worldwide. After leaving Facebook in 2009, he was recruited to launch Starcraft 2 successfully for Blizzard - a dream job for a longtime gamer and worldbuilder. In 2017 he established the Halicioglu Data Science Institute at his alma mater UCSD, to expand the practice of data science to solve problems worldwide.

About Ilkay

Dr. Ilkay Altintas earned the moniker “Lady of Fire” for her groundbreaking work using real time data to predict and contain wildfires. However, as Chief Data Science Officer of the San Diego Supercomputer Center, it’s hardly the first thing she’s set ablaze. At UCSD, Ilkay is Chief Data Science Officer of the San Diego Supercomputer Center, and Founder and Director of the Workflows for Data Science (WoRDs) Center. Ilkay’s research has performed drug testing simulations to isolate genes to fight cancer, created tools being used to build the world’s first commercial scale fusion reactor, and designed modular workflows to analyze the human biome. She is a scientist’s scientist—her innovation accelerating the process of discovery for others. Ilkay is also an educator, teaching the next generation of big data experts as a Fellow at the Halıcıoğlu Data Science Institute and breaking sign-up records with her Big Data Specialization MOOC course for learners worldwide. She faces her toughest students, however, when she testifies before Members of Congress, providing instruction on the impact and value of national investment in science.

About Bradley

Before Dr. Bradley Voytek was a respected UCSD Professor and neuroscientist, he was a renegade data scientist revolutionizing transportation at Uber. Brought in to bring direction to the chaos at the nascent startup, he helped Uber use data to change how we move through cities worldwide. Following his exit, Brad dusted off his PhD in Neuroscience from UC Berkeley determined to bring a data scientist’s acumen to traditional research. By aggregating and examining the data of fellow neuroscientists, his award winning research has isolated neural activity critical to understanding cognition and disease. An evangelist for the power of data science to create cross disciplinary advances, Brad serves as both a start-up investor and advisor. Cognizant of the need to build a pipeline of talent in the field, he also teaches the next generation of data scientists as a founding faculty member at the Halıcıoglu Data Science Institute and the Neurosciences Graduate Program at UC San Diego. Brad also moonlights as a consultant to the United States National Academy of Sciences Science & Entertainment Exchange - aiding and abetting the talents of writers and filmmakers in their portrayals of science.

About Nedim

Not many people who understand cognitive neuroscience become attorneys, and not many attorneys become founders. Nedim Halicioğlu has defied the odds. Comfortable wearing both the hats of investor and entrepreneur, Ned has founded several startups, and evaluated the prospects of hundreds more with the head of a researcher and the heart of a founder. Ned has an eye for finding and elevating talent, and brings an attorney’s acuity to the companies he shepherds. Having conducted research and practiced medical litigation, he applies his understanding of each to evaluating early stage companies. Ned currently handles investment strategies for Keshif Ventures, LLC and serves on the board of NotesFirst, Inc, a state-of-the-art medical record app bringing access to underserved communities and emerging markets around the world. Continuing to confound norms as a composer, Ned’s genre is digital music - when in life he is more of a metalhead.

About Alex

Alex Bates was drawn into the world of technology because it was rebellious. From hacking schematics from the early Internet as an 80's kid, to publishing a computational solution to diagnose early stage glaucoma as an undergraduate, Alex has combined data and industriousness to innovate. After applying analytics on some of the world’s largest data warehouses at Teradata, Alex was co-founder and CTO of Mtell, acquired by AspenTech in 2016.

About Mehri

Mehri is a third-year BA/MPP student at UC San Diego, earning a bachelor’s degree in economics with a minor in cognitive science, as well as her Master’s of Public Policy with a concentration in program analysis. Outside of the classroom, Mehri leads a Board of Supervisors outreach department, where she works with infrastructure and data to improve the lives of over 600,000 constituents. Mehri is also the proud founder of a budding 501(c)3, in which she works with grassroots organizations in the commerce sector, using data responsibility with programming techniques to analyze and visualize trends related to the small business sector, as well as serving as an advocate for microbusinesses in her home community of Scripps Ranch.

About Sylvia

Sylvia, currently a PhD candidate in the department of Cognitive Science at UC San Diego, is researching the cognitive neuroscience of human visual perception. Born and raised in Henan, China, she moved to the United States 10 years ago to pursue bachelor's degrees in both Neuroscience and Cognitive Science at UC Davis, graduating with honors. In addition to her academic pursuits, Sylvia is interested in exploring the potential of new technologies and the cognitive impacts of technology and data science on society. As she builds her career in the field of data science, Sylvia aims to make a positive impact by helping others solve complex problems.

About Leslie

Leslie is a Data Science and Engineering graduate student at UC San Diego. She’s also an independent publisher and small-business owner! Leslie found her way to the data science field through her love of all things STEAM, starting as a child and continuing through her Bachelors in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science. Between undergrad and grad school, she worked at several startups, using her technical and interpersonal skills to help benefit people and communities in meaningful ways. She now spends her free time hiring, publishing, marketing, and distributing art and story books to a global audience — where proceeds are donated to charity. Leslie’s enthusiasm for creating a positive impact via an ethical and responsible use of data science will only be amplified by her work at DSA.

About Hayley

Hayley is an innovator, designer, and engineer. She recently finished her Master's in Information Science at Cornell University and has a Bachelor's in Computer Science and Cognitive Science from the University of Toronto. Hayley loves creating information systems that are designed around people's needs and abilities. She spent several years researching how people interact with computers and enjoys creating content that explains complex ideas in a way that's easy to understand. Now at DSA, Hayley is looking forward to using her wide range of skills and creative ideas in the data science community.

About Claire (Zhihan)

Claire is a graduating senior at UCSD, majoring in cognitive science with a specialization in machine learning and neurocomputation. Joining DSA during her junior year, she was inspired by the emphasis on responsible data science promoted by the organization. Recognizing the immense power of big data, Claire firmly believes in the importance of ensuring the safety of individuals using big data products—a passion that drives her. At DSA, Claire aims to leverage her knowledge to initiate change and devise strategies to educate the community about data ethics and RDS principles.

About Vicky

Vicky is a third year pursuing a dual major in Data Science and Economics and participates in Diversity in Data Science (DDS) as a project team member. Beyond her studies, Vicky is actively involved in the Basic Needs Center at UCSD. There, she acts as a liaison between San Diego County and UCSD, facilitating access to food for students facing difficulties through case assistance and consultation. Now at DSA, she advocates for responsible data science. She aims to inspire ethical data practices and leverage her expertise to create a responsible, positive influence on the San Diego community and beyond.

About Zahrah

Originally pursuing a path in biochemistry to impact lives through drug development, Zahrah's fascination shifted towards understanding human behavior. She decided to major in cognitive science with a specialization in design and interaction. Driven by a passion for social good, Zahrah is dedicated to enhancing the cognitive impact of technology through thoughtful UX design. As a member of DSA, she aspires to explore ways to encourage responsible technology use, aiming to contribute to improving the lives of others through a holistic approach to design and innovation.

About Eduardo

Eduardo Spiegel is on track to graduate in June 2025 from UC San Diego, with a Bachelor of Science in Data Science and a minor in finance. Demonstrating a dynamic skill set, Eduardo contributed significantly as a Planning Intelligence Intern at Copa Airlines in Panama City, where he played a pivotal role in deploying ML models and optimizing flight schedules. Serving as the President of Blockchain at San Diego, Eduardo initiated educational programs and fostered partnerships, showcasing his leadership and commitment to community engagement. Eduardo now brings his diverse experiences and passion for data science to the Data Science Alliance.

About Orion

Orion is an aspiring UI/UX designer, currently studying cognitive science with a specialization in design at UC San Diego. He found interest in the UI/UX design field because of its strong reliance on user data to properly represent a target audience. Outside of academics, he is also a performer who creates and brings life to different dance projects across campus. Through his academics and part-time passions, he has developed a love for teaching others. He aims to leverage his variety of experiences, both in dance and in academia, to bring a different but representative perspective to the RDS conversation.

Apply for RDS Working Group

The Responsible Data Working Group is a passionate group of professionals who generously volunteer their time to define and map out responsible data science practices for organizations and leadership. They come from all walks of life - academia, government, tech, and health care.
In collaboration with the DSA, the Working Group is entrusted with administering the Responsible Data Science Framework. The Framework is a document that charts the path for responsible data science practices, focusing on these 4 pillars: Fairness, Transparency, Privacy, and Veracity. It embodies the importance and the heart of our cause. The Framework is our call to action for organizations and individuals - like yourself.
Membership to the Working Group is by invitation only.  Members are 1) Arbiters of responsible data science, 2) Executors of the Framework, and 3) Representatives of diverse data sectors. The Working Group meets roughly once a month, with in-person events occurring approximately once a quarter.
We all have a role to play in achieving responsible data science. If you are interested in joining the Working Group, please contact us!

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A group of data leaders representing academia, government, tech, and healthcare who volunteer their time and expertise to help DSA foster a Responsible Data Science ecosystem.

Rajesh Gupta
HDSI Director at UCSD
Maritza Johnson
Director of Center for Data Science, AI, and Society at USD
Dr. David Danks
Professor of Data Science and Philosophy at UCSD
Di Le
Sr. Staff AI/ML Design Strategist
Ion Nemteanu
Executive Director, MS Business Analytics at UCSD
Irene Giannoumis
Senior Technical Program Manager at Google
Ryan Lopez
Technology Consultant
Zhen Zhai
Sr. Manager of Data Science at Blizzard Entertainment
G Anthony Reina
Senior Data Scientist at Resilience
Dr. Katie Shilton
Associate Professor, College of Information Studies at University of Maryland, College Park
Vitor Carvalho
Principal Applied Science Manager at Microsoft
Tiffany Deng
Head of Program Management and Chief of Staff- Responsible AI at Google
Grant Kluzak
NAVWAR Data Director
Huy Ly
CEO of Meijun
Maria Lupetini
ML/AI Leader & Data Science Consultant
John Blatchford
Data Science Product Owner at San Diego Gas & Electric (SDGE)
Rasmus S. Nielsen
Specialist Leader, AI and Analytics at Deloitte
Mercy Nyamewaa Asiedu
Research Scientist, Responsible AI at Google Research
Rakesh Senthilvelan
Data Scientist at Booz Allen Hamilton
Kayla Monnette
UX Designer at Epic
Sergey Gurevich
Sr. Data Scientist at Solar Turbines
Dr. Amanda Lazar
Assistant Professor at University of Maryland
Debasish Banerjee
Product Management Consultant
Maria Sendra
CEO and Founder of Silicon Valley Global Scaling
Steve Hobmann
Principal Business Analyst at Amgen