The Data Science Alliance (DSA) is inviting members of the data science community to contribute to the development of its Responsible Data Science (RDS) Framework.

The RDS Framework is intended for organizations regardless of their size—conceived to be an ever-evolving tool to guide organizations and data professionals in implementing responsible practices in their work.

We invite contributions in the form of comments and suggestions on identifying key considerations, best practices, and open-source tools for ensuring Privacy, Transparency, Fairness, and Veracity in each phase of the data science project.

We encourage contributions from a diverse range of perspectives and backgrounds, including data professionals, policymakers, and academics.

Please submit your comments via email at OR via the form below. We will review all submissions and use them to inform the development of the RDS Framework. Note: all comments received by the DSA will be made publicly available, so please refrain from including any personal or sensitive information. We look forward to hearing your thoughts and working together to ensure that data science is used as a force for good and not harm.

Disclaimer about contributors:
 The RDS Framework is a product of collaboration by luminaries and professionals from various industries. Inclusion as a “Contributor” recognizes one’s participation in the document but does not imply that individual’s endorsement of all sections of the Framework.

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